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Masters In Dietetics Body Success Program Outline

Meeting 1- Nutrition/Metabolism Assessments and Program Orientation***
Meeting 2- How Do I Set and Reach My Food Goals 
Meeting 3- (Food Models Lesson)- Managing Food Cravings 
Meeting 4- Grocery Store Tour 
Meeting 5- Exercises/Physical Activity 
Meeting 6- Supplementation (Neurotransmitter Development)
***3 individual visits with the Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Included in the Program

Masters In Dietetics Body Success Group Fitness Program

This program is intended for large groups, with a common nutritional interest.

Group types include: diabetes self-management, sports nutrition, and weight management.

 We host nutrition seminars catered to educating groups on how to eat

to improve performance and fitness. 

We can host your Group Body Success Program here at Nutritional Headquarters or the Dietitian will come to you. 

Masters In Dietetics Body Success Employee Wellness Program 

We also help corporate offices who would like their employees to be in the best health and condition.

Our services are reimbursable by most insurance plans.

We come to your facility to educate your employees on healthy lifestyle and eating habits. 

Masters In Dietetics Body Success Group Fitness Program

We also work with active individuals who have a common fitness goals.

Would you like to take your training to the next level. 

Are you  a basketball, volleyball, football, dance or running club team who needs help with performance nutrition?

The Body Success Program Fitness  is for you!

Contact the Director of Community Relations for More Details.

​1 (844) 532-7623 Ex:1